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Welcome to PP discussion board, an independent Patek Philippe community site and forum.

Patek Philippe has occupied the seat at the head of table among the great Swiss horology brands for much of the latter part of the 20th century. They keep going from strength to strength, and having superbly turned the century under the able leadership of Mr. Philippe Stern, and now being headed even forward by his son Mr. Thierry Stern, most would argue that Patek Philippe enters the 21st century with tremendous promise for an exciting future.

This forum is a celebration of that great tradition of excellence.

By participating in this forum, you represent that you have thoroughly read and agree to abide by forum code of conduct.

Please note that all discussion forums are non-commercial in nature. We encourage and request that you discuss specific dealers and discounts by private email. If you are requesting dealer referrals or pricing information, please leave an email address. Any such requests without email address may be deleted without notice. All posts containing such specific information may also be edited or deleted without notice. Please post for sale, wanted to buy, and trading requests on our Collectors Marketplace board.

We look forward to your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Best regards,

Oliver Meindl aka "small-luxury-world"
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